CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR OUR CHURCH FAMILY SHUT-INS are located in the foyer alcove. If you would like to help brighten the spirits of those in our Church family who are unable to attend in-person services, we invite you to write them a Christmas card and drop it in the box in our foyer. We will deliver these cards to each individual by Christmas. This week, the five individuals we are writing cards to are: Mary Betts, Jim Killeen, Margaret Sheppard, Jeffrey Needle, and Evangeline Tirado. If there are other individuals you would like included, please contact Pastor Gary.

OUR CHRISTMAS ANGEL SHELTER MINISTRY has changed over the past few years due to Covid-19 and reduced in-person Church attendance. Although the format of our gift-giving to the families living in the South Bay Shelter has changed, the abundance of joy we are able to bring to those families each Christmas morning has not. This Christmas season, our Church will be providing the financial means necessary for each mother or father living in the shelter to purchase Christmas gifts for their family. If you would like to give a monetary donation to this ministry, you may do so by using a tithe envelope or by donating on our Church website.

THE TIERRASANTA SDA CHURCH VOCAL ENSEMBLE has begun rehearsing for Christmas Sabbath. Rehearsals take place each Sabbath at 12:30 pm in the Youth room.

THE CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS CHOIR REHEARSALS have begun! On Sabbath, December 24, part of our children’s division (Primary and Juniors Sabbath School classes) will be singing during our Sabbath Christmas service. We would LOVE for your children to participate. Rehearsals are at 10:30 am this morning and next Sabbath in the Youth Room.

THE SEASON OF ADVENT IS ALWAYS A JOYOUS TIME, as we look forward to the birth of Jesus and all that entails. Our Advent Vespers program continues over the next two Friday nights (December 16 and 23) at 7:00 pm. The short program will be followed by light refreshments in the fellowship hall. We hope you will be able to join us for this annual TSDA Church tradition!

OUR CHURCH CHRISTMAS CAROLING OUTING will take place next Saturday evening, December 17. Please meet at the Church at 4:30 pm. We will walk across the street at 5 pm to go caroling house-to-house. Refreshments in the Fellowship Hall will follow.

THE CHRISTIAN BOOK AND NUTRITION CENTER December hours are Sunday-Thursday from 10-2, and Fridays from 10-3.