EACH YEAR, OUR SHELTER MINISTRY provides Thanksgiving food baskets purchased from Costco to each of the families living in the South Bay Shelter. If you would like to help provide a delicious Thanksgiving meal to one of these families, we invite you to donate to the Shelter Ministry using your tithe envelope.

WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF A SERMON SERIES on the topic of biblical inspiration and interpretation. Each of the books of the Bible is a separate document with a unique context. Is it any wonder that we detect differences between them and among them? Yet the Spirit of God can be detected in them also. How are we to relate to an ancient “holy” book in the modern age? Is there wisdom in the Bible that transcends time and place? We pray these messages are a blessing in your life.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING THE VOCAL ENSEMBLE this holiday season, please see Ritchie Carbajal or Pastor Gary after today’s service. The vocal ensemble typically meets after Church each Sabbath to eat lunch and rehearse.

ADVENT VESPERS is returning to the TSDA Church beginning Friday evening, December 2. More information to come.

ESCONDIDO ADVENTIST ACADEMY will be hosting a “Night of Lights” on Saturday evening, December 16. This event will feature a walking tour of the story of Jesus’ birth. EAA is looking for volunteers to be part of the nativity, bake goods for the event, direct traffic, and help guide each walking group. If you would like to participate, please contact Nercy at (619) 453-1834.

THE LA MESA ADVENTIST COMMUNITY CHURCH is hosting a Women’s Christmas Tea on Sunday, December 3, from 1-3 pm, at the La Mesa Church. Tickets are $35 and benefit the La Mesa Women’s Ministry. RSVP to Jan (619) 997-2943 by November 20.

WE ARE IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS to give the opening prayer and children’s story each Sabbath. If you would like to give back to our Church in this way, we invite you to sign up in the foyer. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who signed up in 2023!