WE WILL BE ADDING A FOURTH ADULT SABBATH SCHOOL CLASS beginning next Sabbath, January 11. This class will focus on biblical studies and will be taught by Ritchie Carbajal. We invite you to join us at 9:30 am in the Board Room each Sabbath.

SIGNUPS for 2020 worship service volunteer positions aretaking place today. Our worship service would be bleak without the wonderful volunteers who give it life. Thanks to our foyer greeters, visitors know we are a kind, accepting congregation. Thanks to our prayer volunteers, we are able to talk to God together as a church family. Thanks to our children’s story volunteers, our youngest members feel valued and are able to get to know Jesus more. And thanks to our offering volunteers, we are able to raise the funds necessary for worshipping in this warm, clean, well-lit, beautiful sanctuary. The worship service we look forward to each week is made possible because of our volunteers and so we hope you will sign up and let God use you to be a blessing to our community.

WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF A SERMON SERIES titled “Let’s Meet Jesus.” Most Christians (and even most Seventh-day Adventists) focus on doctrines, finding the will of God, last day events, and every other imaginable thing except developing a relationship with Jesus of Nazareth. We hope you will join us as this series continues and we get to know Jesus a little bit better.

OUR PATHFINDER CLUB is looking for new volunteers to join its ranks. If you are looking for a fun volunteer opportunity and are great with kids and teens, please contact Director Kelly Hester at tsdaphoenixpf@gmail.com.

THE NEXT SAN DIEGO ADVENTIST FORUM MEETING will take place at 3 pm on Sabbath, February 8, at Paradise Village. Reinder Bruinsma, former Executive Secretary of the Trans-European Division and President of the Netherlands Union, will speak on the subject of his latest book, “Death, Resurrection and Eternal Life.” Forum meetings are free and open to everyone.

THE 2020 GOD’S CREATION CALENDARS are available for a donation of $10. Find a Pathfinder to take one home today!

WE ARE CURRENTLY RAISING FUNDS to have an automatic handicap door installed at the far east entrance of our sanctuary building. If you would like to donate to this endeavor, please place your donation in a tithe envelope and write “handicap door” on an available line.


4th Shannon Cherry-                                          Ed Peterson 8th

      Gonzales                                                      Scott McCary 8th

6th Betty Campos                                               Paul Alba Sr. 9th

6th Jordyn Youngblood                                 Ted Shufeldt 10th

8th Beth Bishop                                              Daniel Rector 10th