A CONSTITUENCY MEETING for San Diego Academy will be held on Sunday, June 25, at 4 pm. We are allotted 20 members from the Tierrasanta Church. If you are interested in being a representative from our church, please contact the church office at (858) 576-9990.

OUR MIDWEEK FELLOWSHIP is currently looking closely at “The Writings of Israel.” The Hebrew Bible is divided into three parts—the Law (the Torah), the Prophets, and the Writings. These writings have often been referred to as the “wisdom literature” of the Bible. What can we learn from them? This week we examine the book of Ecclesiastes. You’re invited to join us on Tuesday at 6 pm in the Board Room.

BASKETBALL HOOP NEEDED FOR SHELTER. The teenagers staying at the South Bay Shelter don’t have a form of outdoor entertainment. Let’s change that! If you have a wall-mount basketball hoop and backboard that’s in good condition and looking for a new home, please consider donating it to the shelter. And as always, if you would like to donate to the South Bay Women’s Shelter, you may do so by enclosing your contribution in a tithe envelope and marking “Women’s Shelter.”

SECRET FRIENDS has started again! Previously known as “Secret Sisters,” our Secret Friends program develops friendships and deepens relationships through the anonymous sending of small notes and gifts to a special friend/family over the course of a couple months. Although the program was once exclusively reserved for women, we are now opening it up to anyone, male or female, in our congregation. If you would like more info, or to select a Secret Friend of your own, please contact Colleen Larsen at (619) 850-3299.

DID YOU KNOW you can earn money for our church while enjoying delicious Loma Linda, Worthington, and Caroline’s canned food products? The “Labels Make Cents” Program will donate $0.25 to the Tierrasanta Church for each canned food label received. So the next time you’re cooking your vegetarian meal, don’t throw your labels away. Bring them to the Tierrasanta SDA Church office!

A FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN is underway here at Tierrasanta to raise money for a new audio/visual system for our sanctuary. An anonymous donor has pledged to match up to $30,000 of the funds raised for this campaign! Thus far, we have received $22,600 in donations. The total cost of improvements will be $60,000. We are so close to reaching our goal so please consider this campaign in your contributions!

YAMAHA UPRIGHT PIANO FOR SALE. The King family is moving out of state soon and they are selling many household items in order to make the move easier. One of these items is a Yamaha piano for which they are asking $1500. If you are interested in the piano or seeing what else they have to sell, please contact Vilna at vilna.king@gmail.com or at (858) 538-2382.

VOLUNTEER TEAM NEEDED TO REVIEW GRANT PROPOSALS. The Southeastern California Conference is looking for volunteers in their 20s and 30s to review grant proposals, which will suggest ways to increase the youth presence in the Adventist Church. If you are interested in connecting with others and serving in the process, please contact Pastor Eric Penick at (951) 509-2260 or Joanna Theolene at Joanna.theolene@gmail.com for more information.