PASTOR GARY IS CURRENTLY IN A SERMON SERIES on eschatology titled Eschatology 101. This series explores the concept of “last things” from a Biblical perspective. Have human beings always been concerned with last things? How much of an interest in such matters comes from fear?  Has every detail of the last days been revealed? Is the Book of Revelation about the future—or about Jesus?  Or both? Today is part 2 in the series.

A FAREWELL LUNCHEON in honor of the Henriksen family will be held TODAY in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the worship service. Come bid farewell to the Henriksen family before they move to San Francisco. Thank you to the Hearts to Hearts Ministry for sponsoring this luncheon.

MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS (SECOND READING) have been made by the following individuals, wishing to transfer their membership to the Tierrasanta SDA Church: Helen Augusta Ayitey from the Havertown SDA Church, Christopher Chase from the Paradise SDA Church, and Elly & Rose Owalla from the Eliathah SDA Church.

A NEW HEALING PRAYER LIST will begin next Sabbath. To add a name to the new list or keep a current name on the list, please write the name down on the clipboard in the foyer alcove.

SUMMER SIGN UPS for volunteer opportunities are available on the bulletin board in the foyer. If you would like to volunteer just one time, please don’t hesitate to write your name down. No prior experience or rotating volunteer commitment is necessary.

SECC YOUTH MINISTRIES’ Summer Kick Off Party begins at 3 pm on Friday, June 15, on Coronado Island. Info at

HOUSING NEEDED for a young man who has been attending our church. If you have a room or apartment renting for $750 or less per month, please call Daniel Jenkins at (405) 535-6537.

LONG-TERM HOUSING needed beginning August 1 for Catherine Burks, a new Resident Chaplain at Sharp Memorial Hospital. The housing must have at least 2 bedrooms and be within 10 miles of Sharp. Email or call (513) 405-5608.

THE GEAR UP LEADERSHIP CONVENTION will take place at PSR September 21-23. Info at

STAY UP TO DATE on Tierrasanta SDA Church happenings. Please email to be put on our church email list.


9th Florence Downs                                          Loneta Choy 13th

9th Shirley Morgan                                      Eliseo Mederos 13th

10th Joseph Killeen                                       Jeffrey Killeen 14th

10th Darryl Mimms                                           Lisa Cooney 15th

11th Lauren Davis                                     Richard Lamonte 15th

13th Donald Ackley                                         Donna Lungu 15th