WE ARE CURRENTLY IN A SERMON SERIES titled The Book of Books. We are looking at the reasons that the Bible is so enduring, and examining its main themes. Today is part 6 in the series.

THE PATHFINDERS’ ANNUAL SEE’S CANDY FUNDRAISER is underway! Form and payment must be returned by October 13 to ensure candy arrival by Thanksgiving.

THE NEXT MEETING OF THE SAN DIEGO ADVENTIST FORUM will be on Sabbath, October 13, at 9:30 am in the fellowship hall. Dr. Donald Casebolt will be discussing the visions of Ellen White in his presentation:  “Believing Pseudepigraphal Books [2 Esdras] Scripture:  Precedents & Implications for Canon & Inspiration.”

THE HERITAGE SINGERS ARE COMING TO SAN DIEGO! They will be giving a free concert at 6 pm on Sabbath, October 27, at the College Avenue Baptist Church (4747 College Avenue, San Diego, CA 92115).

OUR HARVEST FESTIVAL is on Sunday, October 28, from 2-5 pm and will be held right here at the TSDA Church. The event will feature a dessert auction, a “my favorite things” basket silent auction, and a chili cook-off. We will need everyone’s help in order to make it a success! Sign-up sheets will be available in the lobby next Sabbath.

DID YOU KNOW PHONE AND ONLINE SCAMS are a form of elder abuse? If you would like to learn the signs and how to help those susceptible, you’re invited to a free seminar taking place at 7 pm on Thursday, October 18, at the Ascension Catholic Church (next door).

MEDICAL BED AVAILABLE. If you are in need of an adjustable twin size medical bed, please contact Pastor Gary or the church office.

HOUSING NEEDED for a young man who has been attending our church. If you have a room or apartment renting for $750 or less per month, please call Daniel Jenkins at (405) 535-6537.

HOUSING NEEDED for a Resident Chaplain at Sharp Memorial. Contact: burkscatherine90@yahoo.com or (513) 405-5608.

DO YOU NEED HELP with elder care, babysitting, errands, cooking etc? If so, please contact Angela Carralero at (619) 249-4778.


22nd Netta Clay                                                  Brian Burks 25th

22nd Taylor Chase                                   Veronica Arumba 28th

23rd Larry Pitrone                                            Paula Dease 28th

23rd Jacqueline Pape                                   Jaime Herrera 28th

25th Kendall Hester