THE PATHFINDERS’ ANNUAL SEE’S CANDY FUNDRAISER has begun. If you would like an order form, please see Kelly Hester after the service. Orders must be returned bySabbath,October 26.

A MEMBERSHIP REQUEST (SECOND READING) has been made by      Gail Ask wishing to join our church from the Point Loma SDA Church.

WE HAVE UNFILLED VOLUNTEER POSITIONS almost every Sabbath for the next three months. Volunteer positions include greeters, opening prayer volunteers, children’s story volunteers, and call for offering volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions, you may sign up on the sign-up sheets in the right foyer alcove. No prior experience or rotating commitment is necessary. We always love seeing new faces on the platform!

THE NEXT PATHFINDER OUTING will be the “clean-a-beach” day at DeAnza Cove tomorrow, September 29, at 8 am.

OUR NEW CHURCH DIRECTORIES HAVE ARRIVED. If you participated in a photo session this past May here at the church, your directory is complimentary. Those who didn’t have their photo taken may purchase a directory for $3.

THE NEXT ADVENTURER CLUB MEETING will be held on Sabbath, October 12.

JOIN THE VOCAL ENSEMBLE! The holidays are right around the corner and now is the perfect time to unwrap those vocal cords. If you would like to join the vocal ensemble for our holiday season performance, please see Ritchie Carbajal after the service.

FREE 4-WHEEL ELECTRIC MOBILITY SCOOTER. Perfect for a disabled individual looking for more mobility. Must be picked up from one of our church members located in El Cajon. If interested, please contact the church office at (858) 576-9990.

DO YOU NEED HELP with elder care, babysitting, errands, cooking etc? If so, please contact Angela Carralero at (619) 249-4778.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PLACE A NAME on our healing prayer list, please write the name on the clipboard in the right foyer alcove and we will pray for that individual every Sabbath.

A FREE SEMINAR highlighting the signs of emotional abuse will take place at 7 pm on Thursday, October 17, at the Ascension Catholic Church next door. All are invited to attend this information session.


28th Glenn Knowles                                      Serena Leonard 1st

28th Jaime Herrera                                   Redemption Burks 1st

28th Paula Dease                                               Ray Bitar Jr. 2nd

28th Veronica Arumba                                  Tatiana Tavano 2nd

29th Sergio Sanguesa                                           Tami Todd 3rd

29th Rick Newby                                     Manuel Fuentes Jr. 4th

30th Maria Singleton                                         Gigi Cermak 4th

1st    Michelle Lagos