IT’S ADVENTURER TIME! Adventurer Registration for kids ages 4-9 is taking place today! The fee is $45 for the first child and $35 for each additional sibling. Come register, pick up your t-shirt, and get ready to jump-start another fun year!

OUR NEW CHURCH DIRECTORIES HAVE ARRIVED. If you participated in a photo session this past May here at the church, your directory is complimentary. Those who didn’t have their photo taken may purchase a directory for $3.

A MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR JIM KAATZ is taking placetoday at 3 pm here at the Tierrasanta SDA Church. We hope you will be able to join us this afternoon to celebrate Jim’s incredible life.

MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS (FIRST READING) have been made by the following individuals wishing to join our church: EStephanie Smith from the Bakersfield Hispanic SDA Church. Fred and Agatha Munson from the Pittsburgh SDA Church.

THE PATHFINDERS’ ANNUAL SEE’S CANDY FUNDRAISER will begin next Sabbath, September 14. Order forms and envelopes will be available in the courtyard following the service. Order forms must be returned byOctober 26.

THE FIRST PATHFINDER MEETING OF THE YEAR is next Sabbath from 1-3 pm. Please wear your Class B uniform.

MIDWEEK FELLOWSHIP resumes its studies this Tuesday, September 10, at 6 pm in the Board Room. All are welcome to join!

SAN DIEGO ADVENTIST FORUM NEWS: Forty-one years ago, 913 followers of cult-leader Jim Jones committed mass suicide at his direction. A fluke saved Laura Johnston Kohl from what was the largest single loss of American civilian life until 9/11. She will talk about her experience and recovery at the San Diego Adventist Forum next Sabbath, September 14, at 3:00 pm at Paradise Village.

OUR SECRET FRIENDS REVEAL LUNCHEON will be held on Sabbath, September, 21, in the fellowship hall immediately following the worship service. If you missed this session of Secret Friends, another one will start back up in a few months and we will keep you well-informed of that date as it approaches.

FREE 4-WHEEL ELECTRIC MOBILITY SCOOTER. Perfect for a disabled individual looking for more mobility. Must be picked up from one of our church members located in El Cajon. If interested, please contact the church office at (858) 576-9990.


7th Matthew Satterlee                                 LaVesta Mullen 12th

8th Larry Marshall                                           Timothy Pena 12th

8th George McJilton                            Kimberly Rouhotas 12th

8th Montessa Arroyo                                  Jessica Williams 12th

8th Olivia Chase                                               Dennis Garcia 13th

9th Deleila Anderson                                  James Hayward 13th

11th John Luckey                                          Fred Thompson 13th

12th Candy Jenkins