WE ARE CURRENTLY IN A SERMON SERIES titled The Book of Books. We are looking at the reasons that the Bible is so enduring, and examining its main themes. Today is part 4 in the series.

THE PATHFINDERS’ ANNUAL SEE’S CANDY FUNDRAISER begins TODAY. Order forms and envelopes will be available in the courtyard following the service. Order forms must be returned by October 13 to ensure candy arrival by Thanksgiving.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS NEXT SABBATH to fill ALL positions including greeters, opening prayer, children’s story, and the call for offering. If you are able to volunteer (even just this once), we would be so grateful if you would sign up on the bulletin board in the foyer.

ADVENTURER REGISTRATION CONTINUES TODAY for kids ages 4-10. The fee is $40 for the first child and $35 for each additional sibling. Come pick up your t-shirt and get ready for another fun year!

THE VOCAL ENSEMBLE wants YOU to join us for our next performance. If you are interested, please see Ritchie Carbajal after the service. Our first rehearsal is TODAY at 1 pm.

OUR MIDWEEK FELLOWSHIP MEETINGS continue this Tuesday evening at 6 pm in the Board Room. We are currently examining THE EXODUS of the Israelites from Egypt. All are welcome to join!

A TWELVE WEEK GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP will begin at 1:30 pm this Tuesday, September 11, at Paradise Village. $10 registration fee for workbook. For more information, please call 619-245-5845.

THE ADVENTIST FORUM’S “50th Anniversary” Conference will be held at La Sierra University September 14-16. For registration details, visit https://spectrummagazine.org/conference2018.

THE NEXT MEETING OF THE SAN DIEGO ADVENTIST FORUM will be on Sabbath, October 13, at 9:30 am in the fellowship hall. Dr. Donald Casebolt will speak on the topic of the source of one of Ellen White’s earliest visions. There will be no adult SS classes that morning.

THE HERITAGE SINGERS ARE COMING TO SAN DIEGO! They will be giving a free concert at 6 pm on Sabbath, October 27, at the College Avenue Baptist Church (4747 College Avenue, San Diego, CA 92115).

MEDICAL BED AVAILABLE. If you are in need of an adjustable twin size medical bed, please contact Pastor Gary or the church office.

TWO SEPARATE HOUSING REQUESTS: Daniel Jenkins (405) 535-6537. Catherine Burks, Sharp Resident Chaplain, (513) 405-5608.


8th George McJilton                                   LaVesta Mullen 12th

8th Larry Marshall                                          Timothy Pena 12th

8th Montessa Arroyo                             Kimberly Rouhotas 12th

8th Olivia Chase                                         Jessica Williams 12th

9th Deleila Anderson                                     Dennis Garcia 13th

11th Philip Lizzi                                           James Hayward 13th

11th John Luckey                                         Fred Thompson 13th

12th Candy Jenkins                                           Konrad Kern 14th