WE WANT TO RECOGNIZE AND EXTEND A HEARTFELT WELCOME to the newest members of our church whose membership transfers were finalized between March 2020 and today. We want to welcome Christine Williams from the Arlington SDA Church, Paul Tan from the San Diego Fil-Am SDA Church, Ryan Sanchez from the Manassas SDA Church, Anthony Andrade from the Ramona SDA Church, Candace LiVolsi from the Palo Cedro SDA Church, Nova Delacruz from the Loma Linda Indonesian SDA Church, Dennis and Lori Everts from the Irvington SDA Church, and Linda, Grace, and Alex Dryer from the Calimesa SDA Church. We’re grateful you’re part of our church family!

OUR TITHE ENVELOPES now display new, updated conference offering codes. Feel free to recycle any old tithe envelopes in your possession and replace them with our new ones.

A GALA DINNER to benefit the orphans, widows, and victims of COVID-19 in India and Mozambique is being held tonight at 6:30 pm at San Diego Academy. This event will feature live music, a delicious dinner, ballet performance, and silent auction all organized by Dining for Hope, a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization. More info can be found at www.diningforhope.org.

THE 22 CHILDREN LIVING IN THE SOUTH BAY SHELTER are in need of supplies for the upcoming school year. If you would like to donate and help these kids start off their school year on a positive note, please place your donation in a tithe envelope and mark it “women’s shelter.”

VOLUNTEER SIGNUPS for opening prayer and children’s story are taking place in our foyer. If you don’t know your future schedule, please don’t let that prevent you from signing up. If the date approaches and you are unable to volunteer, we will gladly find a replacement.

FOR SANITATION REASONS, WE HAVE TEMPORARILY PAUSED both the children’s offering and main offering segments of our service. If you would like to contribute tithes and offerings, you may still do so either in person or online. You may drop your offering into the offering box in the foyer or you can visit our church website (www.tsdachurch.org) and click “online giving” at the top of the page. Thank you for your continued support of our church during this challenging year.

WE ARE WANTING TO HOLD A MUSIC SERIES next year that will bring Christian groups and musicians to perform in concert in our sanctuary. To achieve this, we will need to raise a substantial amount. If you would like to donate to this endeavor, please mark your tithe envelope “music series” and drop it into the offering box in the foyer.