THE KEYBOARD RITCHIE CARBAJAL will play during today’s Hallelujah Chorus and postlude is a Kurzweil K250, the primary instrument he used when performing across the US, Canada, Hawaii, Australia, and Russia in the 80’s and 90’s. This unique keyboard makes it possible to play virtually any group of musical instruments in real time. After many hours of servicing and programming this instrument, not to mention the countless rehearsal time spent with it, Ritchie has brought this keyboard back to life to bless us again today.

IT WOULD BE A BIG HELP to our Church treasurers if all year-end monetary gifts to the Church were submitted by today. As you can imagine, the last week of the year is a very busy time for Church treasurers, and we know they would appreciate your mindfulness as we approach this final week of 2022.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE! We hope the spirit of the season has been a constant reminder of God’s great love for us all. May 2023 bring us closer to Jesus and to each other.

MARY PROCTOR DEHN would like to extend a special thank you to all the individuals who generously volunteered their time and energy and helped make this year’s Advent Vespers services a warm and memorable experience.

THE VOCAL ENSEMBLE IS HONORED to be performing four choruses from Handel’s Messiah this morning. Solos and recitatives will follow Handel’s original score. Accompaniment is being played on our newly-acquired Kurzweil PC88 keyboard while orchestration for the first three choruses will come from Ritchie’s laptop.