JOIN US TONIGHT AT 6 PM for Christmas movies and snacks in the Fellowship Hall. We will be showing “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the adults, and “The Polar Express” for the children. Please bring one dozen of your favorite Christmas cookies to share!

OUR CHRISTMAS ANGEL SHELTER MINISTRY has changed over the past few years. This Christmas season, our Church will be providing the financial means necessary for each mother living in the shelter to purchase Christmas gifts for her family. Although the format of our gift-giving to the families living in the South Bay Shelter has changed, the abundance of joy we are able to bring to the 46 children who will wake up in the shelter on Christmas morning has not. If it is within your budget to donate monetarily to this ministry, we invite you to do so by indicating “Women’s Shelter” on your tithe envelope or by donating on our website.

THE NEXT MEETING OF THE TSDA CHURCH BOARD is taking place tomorrow evening at 5:00 pm in the Church Board room.

THE SEASON OF ADVENT IS ALWAYS A JOYOUS TIME, as we look forward to the birth of Jesus and all that entails. Our Advent Vespers service continues in our sanctuary over the next two Friday evenings (December 15 & 22) at 6 pm. The short program is followed by light refreshments in the fellowship hall. If you would like to participate in one of this year’s Advent Vespers services, please sign up at the table in our Church foyer. We hope you will be able to join us for this annual TSDAC tradition!

WE ARE CURRENTLY IN THE MIDST OF A SERMON SERIES on the topic of biblical inspiration and interpretation. Each of the books of the Bible is a separate document with a unique context. Is it any wonder that we detect differences between them and among them? Yet the Spirit of God can be detected in them also. We pray these messages are a blessing in your life.

ESCONDIDO ADVENTIST ACADEMY will be hosting a “Night of Lights” next Saturday evening, December 16, at 5:30 pm. This event will feature a walking tour of the story of Jesus’ birth.