OUR BREAKFAST BAR is open every Sabbath morning from 9:00-9:30 am in the Fellowship Hall. If you would like to volunteer to be part of a breakfast team, please contact the church office. We are still looking for a breakfast crew for the 5th Sabbath breakfast that occurs a few times each year.

MIDWEEK FELLOWSHIP meets every Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the Church Board Room. In the “old days” we used to call this Prayer Meeting, but here at Tierrasanta, we call it Midweek Fellowship. Each Tuesday evening, we discuss a different biblical topic and our discussion is moderated by Pastor Gary. All are invited to attend.

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION RECEIPTS typically arrive from the Conference in February. We will keep you informed of when they arrive so that you can pick yours up.

2022 VOLUNTEER SIGNUPS for opening prayer and children’s story are taking place in our foyer. Our worship service would be bleak without the wonderful volunteers who give it life. Thanks to our prayer volunteers, we are able to talk to God together as a church family. Thanks to our children’s story volunteers, our youngest members feel valued and are able to get to know Jesus more. The worship service we look forward to each week is made possible because of our volunteers and so we hope you will sign up and let God use you to be a blessing to our community.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE TITHES AND OFFERINGS, you may do so either in person or online by dropping your offering into the offering box in the foyer or visiting our church website and clicking “online giving” at the top of the page. Thank you so much for your continued support of our church during this challenging year.

WE ARE WANTING TO HOLD A MUSIC SERIES this year that will bring Christian groups and musicians to perform in concert in our sanctuary. To achieve this, we will need to raise a substantial amount. If you would like to donate to this endeavor, please mark your tithe envelope “music series.”

THE SON OF ONE OF OUR CHURCH MEMBERS is available for tutoring or childcare services weekday afternoons or any time on the weekends. If you are interested, please contact Danielle Verbrugghen at (619) 302-7227.