PASTOR GARY BEGINS A SERIES OF SERMONS TODAY dealing with power and justice titled “Game of Thrones.” The adage “power corrupts—and absolute power corrupts absolutely” has some biblical confirmation.  Yet in many biblical stories God’s providence is seen, even in and through a powerful person.  We will attempt to find God—and goodness—in these stories.

THE “SECRET FRIENDS” REVEAL LUNCHEON will be held next Sabbath, May 4, following the worship service. If you missed this session of Secret Friends, another one will start back up soon.

THE ADVENTURERS’ 6th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL FOOD FAIR will be on Sabbath, May 11, directly following the worship service. This incredible feast is the Adventurers’ biggest fundraiser of the year and the tastiest as well. Tickets will be available after church today for a suggested donation ($12 for adults, $6 for children 3-10).

OUR MIDWEEK FELLOWSHIP is currently in a series titled Adventism at a Crossroads. This week we are taking a look at the Apostle Paul’s salvation concepts.  How much of his conviction about the afterlife was “particular” (only believers in Jesus can be saved), and how much was “universalistic” (all will be saved)?  We meet on Tuesdays at 6 pm in the Board Room.

PORTRAIT SESSIONS FOR OUR NEW CHURCH DIRECTORY will be held from May 13-16. If you attend our church regularly, we consider you part of our church family and want you included in our new directory! You may sign up either in the foyer after church or online at:

THE ANNUAL SECC RETIREES RETREAT will be held at PSR from Monday, May 13, to Wednesday, May 15. Retreat info is located in our Sanctuary foyer alcove. Our new church directory portrait sessions take place that same week. We advise scheduling your session for Thursday, May 16.

PINE SPRINGS RANCH SUMMER CAMP is the place to be! Your child will have tons of fun this summer while making new friends and learning more about Jesus. If the cost is holding you back, please pick up a scholarship form and contact our church office. Brochures are located in the foyer. Prices increase Tuesday so register soon!

ADVENTIST COUPLE LOOKING TO RENT a 2-bedroom house or apt in the Tierrasanta or neighboring area. Currently members of the Bonita SDA Church. Contact Amaury at


27th Isis Montalvo                                               Jerry Ortuno 1st

27th Martin Holly                                      Shannon Weichert 1st

27th Gladys Saba                                                Ian Corrigan 2nd 

29th Daniel Horn                                               Chad Morris 2nd

30th Deborah Duerksen                           Marjorie Baldwin 3rd

30th Tim Beach