OUR CURRENT sermon series,“Let’s Meet Jesus,” continues today.

VOLUNTEER SIGNUPS conclude today. If you don’t know your future schedule, please don’t let that prevent you from signing up. If the date approaches and you are unable to volunteer, we will gladly find a replacement. Our worship service would be bleak without our volunteers and so we want to extend a big “thank you” to everyone who has signed up thus far.

WE ARE CURRENTLY RAISING FUNDS to have an automatic handicap door installed at the far east entrance of our sanctuary building. So far, we have raised $2441.00 toward our goal of $7150.00. Thank you so much to all who have donated thus far! If you would like to donate, please place your donation in a tithe envelope and write “handicap door” on an available line.

OUR ADVENTURER CLUB is looking for outreach opportunities and wants to know if you need any help with gardening, grocery shopping, or running errands. If so, please contact Director Nova at delacruz.nova@gmail.com. The kids would love to help in any way!

“BIBLICAL STUDIES” is a new adult Sabbath School class that explores the meaning of Bible passages by using practical, effective tools and methods of study in order to achieve a deeper understanding of God and His plan for mankind. Ritchie Carbajal leads this class each Sabbath at 9:30 am in the Board Room.

OUR PATHFINDER CLUB is looking for new volunteers to join its ranks. If you are looking for a fun volunteer opportunity and are great with kids, contact Director Kelly at tsdaphoenixpf@gmail.com.

THE ADVENTURER’S ANNUAL BAKE SALE FUNDRAISER will take place on Sabbath, February 8, immediately following the service. Your donations greatly contribute to the club’s operating costs.

THE NEXT SAN DIEGO ADVENTIST FORUM MEETING will take place at 3 pm on Sabbath, February 8, at Paradise Village. Reinder Bruinsma, former Executive Secretary of the Trans-European Division and President of the Netherlands Union, will speak on the subject of his latest book, “Death, Resurrection and Eternal Life.” Forum meetings are free and open to everyone.

RICHARD FICKESS, longtime Adventist, San Diegan, and trumpeter, passed away last month. A celebration of life for Richard will take place at the La Mesa SDA Church on Sabbath, February 8, at 3 pm. A luncheon in his honor will be served at 12 pm.  All are welcome.


25th Maria Magdalena Lagos                    Richmond Burks 30th

25th Barbara Caddel                                           Luz Herrera 30th

25th Melody Kramer                                           John Lungu 30th

26th Rocio Choc                                             Karlee Pittman 31st

27th Todd McGill                                            Joseph Tabbutt 31st

28th Todd Shively                                              Victor Vassar 31st