OUR SUMMER SERMON SERIES titled “The Once & Future Church” continues today. The series is examining themes such as: What exactly is the church? Is Jesus its true foundation? Who qualifies as a heretic? How should we do church? When should one leave the church? Today is part 3 in the series.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING BAPTISED, please contact Pastor Gary or give our church office a call (858) 576-9990. Baptism classes will begin soon as we prepare for our Fall baptism.

THE TIERRASANTA SDA CHURCH WILL SOON BE STARTING a powerful new ministry called Stephen Ministry, as a way of caring for members of our church family going through difficult times. Stephen Ministers meet with care receivers once a week to encourage and uplift. If you are looking for a way to get more involved in our church, please contact Stephen Ministry leader, Kerra Hester, at kerrahester@gmail.com.

RATTLESNAKE SEASON IS HERE. Please keep a close eye on your children and, as always, stick to the paved paths.

PATHFINDER CAMPOREE UPDATES: All dish pack boxes are due at the church no later than Sunday, July 28. We will be packing and labeling everything for shipment on that day. If you miss this date, your camping gear will not make it on the Conference semi trucks for delivery to Wisconsin. Please continue to monitor your email for important updates and information from Director Kelly.

DO YOU NEED HELP with elder care, babysitting, errands, cooking etc? If so, please contact Angela Carralero at (619) 249-4778.

THE SECRET FRIENDS REVEAL LUNCHEON will be held on Sabbath, September, 21, immediately following the worship service. If you missed this session of Secret Friends, another one will start back up this holiday season.

SAN DIEGO ACADEMY’S pre-registration day will be held on Sunday, August 4, from 9 am to 2 pm.

BEANIE BABIES are in high demand in the Primary Sabbath School classroom. If you have new or gently used beanie babies, Teacher Shan will gladly put them to good use in her classroom.

STAY UP TO DATE on Tierrasanta SDA Church happenings. Please email info@tsdachurch.org to be put on our church email list.


14th Madonna Bentzien                                    Paul Alba Jr. 15th    

14th Bernard Campomanes                            Angel Iglesias 15th    

14th Crystall Hartland                                  Elaine Christian 16th           

14th Heather Gurth                                     Patricia Moreano 17th       

14th Rose Abney                                      Brooke Henriksen 17th    

14th Joel King                                                      Leila Millar 17th

15th Star Cole                                                   James Nelson 18th

15th Douglas Hearn                                        Merlin Bitzer 19th