THE NEXT MEETING OF THE SAN DIEGO ADVENTIST FORUM will be next Sabbath, August 4, at 9:30 am in the fellowship hall.
Local professional musician, Steph Johnson, and the Voices of Our City Choir and Band will show how they are changing the perception and experience of homelessness through musical performance, group participation, and advocacy. As a reminder, no adult Sabbath School classes will be held next week. Breakfast will begin at 9 am and the worship service will begin at 11:15 am.

PATHFINDER REGISTRATION AND AN “ALL ABOUT OSHKOSH” meeting will take place immediately after Church on Sabbath, August 25. If you are planning to attend Oshkosh or are considering it, you will not want to miss this meeting. Come let us know your plans for attending and get all your questions answered.

LAST SABBATH, PASTOR WILL JAMES informed us of his nonprofit “Friendships for Hope” Refugee Ministry. If you have clean, gently-used clothing that you would like to donate to this refugee program, you may bring the clothes next Sabbath and they will be delivered to Friendships for Hope.

THE INTERNATIONAL PATHFINDER CAMPOREE IN OSHKOSH, WI is one year away! In order to make this incredible trip a reality, our Pathfinder Club could use your help this year. There are many ways in which you’ll be able to show your support. One of which is the Harvest Festival taking place on Sunday, October 28. Stay tuned!

SUMMER SIGN UPS for volunteer opportunities are available on the bulletin board in the foyer. If you would like to volunteer just one time, please don’t hesitate to write your name down.

RATTLESNAKE SEASON IS HERE. Please keep a close eye on your children and, as always, stick to the paved paths.

MEDICAL BED AVAILABLE. If you are in need of an adjustable twin size medical bed, please contact Pastor Gary or the Church office.

HOUSING NEEDED for a young man who has been attending our church. If you have a room or apartment renting for $750 or less per month, please call Daniel Jenkins at (405) 535-6537.

HOUSING NEEDED for a Resident Chaplain at Sharp Memorial. Contact: or (513) 405-5608.

DO YOU NEED HELP with elder care, babysitting, errands, cooking etc? If so, please contact Angela Carralero at (619) 249-4778.


28th Sergio Santiago                                             Ron McGill 31st

28th Aaramis Nahabedian                                       Tina Idum 1st

28th Scott Davis                                                   Noah Parker 1st

28th Benjamin Roberson                             Lawrence Jones 1st

29th Gabrielle Cate                                            Lorna Zepada 1st

29th Scott McFeeters                                              Jeff Todd 2nd

29th Jeni Cowper                                                    Rob Pence 3rd

29th David Roysdon                                  Clorissa Anderson 3rd

30th Kelcy Gatson                                     Jalen Youngblood 3rd