OUR “GAME OF THRONES” SERMON SERIES,dealing with power and justice, continues today. The adage “power corrupts—and absolute power corrupts absolutely” has some biblical confirmation.  Yet in many biblical stories God’s providence is seen, even in and through a powerful person. We will attempt to find God—and goodness—in these stories. Today is part 5 in the series.

MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS (SECOND READING) have been made by the following individuals: Leland, Sheri, and Jake Giddings wish to transfer their membership to our church from the Bonita Valley SDA Church. David Tomeraasen wishes to transfer his membership to our church from the Point Loma SDA Church. Ernst Niemann wishes to join our church membership on Profession of Faith.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PHENOMENAL PATHFINDER CLUB who recently achieved the highest award a club in our conference can earn—the sweepstakes trophy. Very few clubs ever achieve this award and we are in awe of our Pathfinders and the incredible things they accomplished this year.

“SECRET FRIENDS” begins again on June 15! If you would like to start a new friendship or celebrate an old one, the Secret Friends program is a fun way to do it. Contact Colleen Larsen (619) 850-3299 or Esther Alameddin (858) 692-7662 to sign up. The reveal luncheon will be held on Sabbath, September 21.

IS A MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY GRADUATING SOON? We’d like to include their name in our bulletin. Email info@tsdachurch.org.

OUR CHURCH WILL SOON BE STARTING a powerful new ministry called Stephen Ministry, as a way of caring for members of our church family going through difficult times. Stephen Ministers meet with care receivers once a week to encourage and uplift. If you are looking for a way to get more involved in our church, please contact Stephen Ministry leader, Kerra Hester, at kerrahester@gmail.com.

WE’RE HAVING A CHURCH SOCIAL AT PETCO PARK on Sunday, June 30 at 1 pm. We’ll cheer on the Padres as they host the St. Louis Cardinals. Tickets are $20 each, and are on a first-come first-served basis.  See Pastor Gary for more details and to reserve your seats.

THE CLAIREMONT SDA CHURCH will be hosting a rummage sale on Sunday, June 9, from 8 am to 3 pm.

DO YOU NEED HELP with elder care, babysitting, errands, cooking etc? If so, please contact Angela Carralero at (619) 249-4778.


1st Devona Gatson                                                  Ruth Pena 4th

2nd Gene Gilliam                                                  Linda Holly 5th

2nd Emir Kiamilev                                        Patricia Chaffee 6th

3rd Mary Proctor-Dehn                              Linda McFeeters 6th

3rd Jean Reeves                                              Faye McIntyre 6th